About Richard Burkett and Nan Coffin

Richard Burkett and Nan Coffin have been making handmade pottery for several decades. Third Pottery is the name they use for their two home studios – the third studio location for each of them. Both Richard and Nan started as potters in Indiana in the 1970s and continue to enjoy making. Richard also taught ceramics at San Diego State University for 30 years and is the author of several books on ceramics and the software HyperGlaze for ceramists. Each of us makes our own distinct style of work, with Nan focusing on functional porcelain pots, and Richard making a variety of pottery and sculpture in stoneware and porcelain, quite often soda-fired.

If you’d like to visit our studios, the best time is during the San Diego Pottery Tour, an open studio tour of some of the best potters in the San Diego area. The Tour happens each December on the first full weekend. Visit the Tour website www.sdpotterytour.com for the latest information. We also usually have a Spring sale at our studios in early May.

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